About Me

My name is Siri and I am delighted you are joining me on this journey. Thank you for taking the time to look through my website and get to know a little about me.

I love nature, I love being in nature and I wish I spent more time in nature!

I’ve been a healer and a giver all of my life. I have studied many different modalities of healing and transformation throughout my 20’s, 30’s & 40’s. Now as I have entered my 50’s and in the menopause stage in my life I am finally settling into who I am. It’s taken a while…

I’ve trained as a Sangoma (African shaman) in South Africa. My training consisted of time spend away from my husband living with my teachers. The period of training lasted around a 3 year period studying both the Swazi and Zulu traditions with 3 separate teachers. I am grateful to all the homesteads I have lived in, and the spiritual lineages that still to this day assist me in my work.

I love working with my Ancestors and spirit. My life is enriched by the experieces I see and witness. I truly feel blessed that I was called to this work.

I live in England with my husband and we often work together shamanicially and also co-facilitate The Stargate Experience.

My purpose as a Guide is to assist in lifting the vibrations of humanity across the globe. This includes personal and ancestral healing (lineage healing), balance between masculine and feminine, and working with the Stargate consciousness.