Baby Blessings

Cleansing and Healing Ceremonies for woman who have experienced
a miscarriage, abortion or other pregnancy loss.

Caring for the souls of those who leave us before they take a breath of life

Caring for woman who hold deep wounding and layered grief after their loss

The impact on the loss of a baby whether through a conscious or unconscious choice leaves a deep imprint on most woman. The Baby Blessing sessions, rituals and ceremony are dedicated to unraveling the emotional layers of grief, sadness, pain, shame and guilt.

This is about caring for that part that has held onto the loss, hidden the loss and been in fear of acknowledging it.

It is important to cleanse the death of a child that has been received into the womb. Some of these little souls still stay attached to mother and can cause energetic blocks for her. Part of the healing process is to acknowledge that a baby spirit was coming in.

During the final ceremony, the nameless are named, the baby spirit joins the ancestral lineages, and finally has a place in the home/family. The mother, is recognized, witnessed and with care Makhosi Siri assists in untangling the feelings and emotions surrounding the loss.

We hold these sacred spaces together to enable and to assist in restoring and balancing the body, the mind and the spirit of self and that also of the baby spirit.

Everyone’s experience is deeply personal and we together create the rituals and final ceremony.

If you're feeling this grief or have been touched by memories of the loss of a baby, no matter how long it's been (a week, a year, a decade) really begin to honor that, and take the steps you need to find the healing for you and the spirit baby.

The healing can be profound, but it requires claiming the truth of the experience. Please be in touch with me so we can set aside an initial ½ hour initial session to meet each other.

These sessions, rituals and ceremonies are held both in-person (UK) and online.

Some woman have shared that participating online and being in their own home, has been deeply personal and touching, even though we are not in the same room.

Makhosi Siri compassionately holds the rituals and ceremonies
with tenderness, deep witnessing and shares her
spiritual gifts that enable profound healing.

A very dear song writer and singer is dedicating a song to these unborn souls. She is currently in the process of scripting the song and will be producing it by April 2021. If you wish to receive a copy, please send a message in the contact form and as soon as it is released we will send it to you.