Bone Readings & Healing

Bone Readings

I am an initiated Sangoma trained in the Swazi and Zulu traditions. I work with the Ancestral spirits of my own parent’s lineages and also closely with the spiritual lineages that have supported me through my trainings. I am grateful to all my teachers who have made me the healer I am today.

In this beautiful ancient Sangoma tradition of throwing the bones, you will directly receive information, guidance and healing from your ancestral lineage and spirit guides.

The consultation lasts 1 hour.

The reading seeks to uncover what is the root to what is taking place in your life. The process will often highlight or focus on a problem that requires attention that may have been ignored or denied previously. Sometimes this may include patterns passed down through one’s lineage.

To make a booking please contact me via the contact form.

Healing Rituals & Mentoring

Guidance from the Ancestors will offer suggestions to assist to open opportunities for Healing & Transformation.

You will be invited to take these sessions up, and the this is entirely your choice.

The cost of the rituals and healing steams & baths will be discussed at your initial reading as this will vary for each individual.

Healing Rituals can include: Traditional Baths & Steams * Sea & River Purification Rituals * Male & Female balancing * Forgiveness Rituals * Grounding & Earthing * Meditation * House & Business premises Purification * Spiritual Connection & Strengthening and other rituals that the Ancestors may offer

As I work closely with the Ancestral realm, there is also an invitation for those who come for sessions to connect, communicate and strengthen their relationship with their Ancestors.

This is sometimes a surprising and uplifting experience for some who did not understand that they could connect to their Ancestors.  A sense of belonging, forgiveness and family

As each person commits to the rituals and the healing process, I hold the space. I assist you spiritually and  mentor you into their vision of your healed world.

Some clients live across the ocean, say that they feel me fully present with them whilst doing some of the rituals. I take your hand and we walk together through this healing process. Feel humbled to hear this, and grateful to spirit for this quantum connection. Siyabonga Makhosi Amakhulu!